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At Archdale Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer the latest in digital radiography from from one of the leading veterinary imaging brands, Sound Technologies. This technology uses radiology to create digital images that offer our dedicated team a more in-depth understanding of your pet's condition and health.

Digital radiography has many benefits and is especially helpful in getting detailed images of teeth as part of our animal teeth cleaning services. Digital radiography is non-evasive and is useful when looking to diagnose and confirm a variety of medical issues while also reducing the wait time for results. When you visit our animal clinic in Charlotte, NC for digital radiographs, our veterinarian may recommend sedation to ensure your pet remains still, however, there is minimal discomfort involved in the process. When you choose Archdale Animal Hospital, you can rest assured that our staff will work hard to keep your pet comfortable during their visit.

After the digital radiographs are complete, we will then save the high-resolution images and burn them to a disk for you to take home, or email to a specialist if the need arises. Once we understand the underlying condition, our veterinary team will work with pet owners to determine the best course of treatment. For more information on digital radiography or any other of our professional veterinary services, we invite to contact our animal clinic today.

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