Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Veterinary Services & Health Care

Whether your new puppy needs their first shots, your older dog is showing signs of pain, or you have found an injured and abandoned animal, count on Archdale Animal Hospital for thorough and compassionate veterinary services. Our animal clinic is well-equipped, and our staff is highly trained to take care of your pet’s every need. From annual wellness checks to surgeries, you can count on us for it all.  

Looking for more information about our extensive list of veterinary services? If your question is not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact us today! We proudly welcome pet owners from Charlotte, NC and the surrounding communities.

Why is veterinary care for my pet(s) so expensive?

Relatively speaking, veterinary care is a great value! The cost of veterinary care has risen very little over the last 20 to 30 years, especially when compared to the cost of human health care or almost any other services. Veterinary service fees are a reflection of the costs of maintaining suitable facilities, equipment and support personnel to provide the level of care that is expected in animal medicine today. Remember, too, the original cost of the animal has no bearing on the cost of veterinary services delivered. Annual veterinary care is a cost that should be factored in to the decision to own a pet.

My veterinarian says my pet’s office visit is going to cost several hundred dollars. I can’t afford to pay that much money at one time! Isn’t there some sort of veterinary payment plan?
I recently found an injured stray dog/cat. I paid for the initial veterinary care, and the animal is living at my house, but I can’t afford any additional treatment or medication. What can I do?
I’ve heard that some clinics offer anesthesia-free dentistry. Is this safe for my pet?
I’ve never seen a flea or tick on my pet. Why should I bother putting my pet on preventives? Isn’t this an extra expense that’s just not worth paying for?
Why should I buy flea/tick/heartworm preventives from a veterinary hospital when there are other, cheaper places to get it?
Are natural remedies for flea/tick/heartworm prevention safe to use on my pet?
After I have my pet microchipped, is there anything else I need to do?
Will microchipping hurt my pet?
My pet’s just been diagnosed with a medical condition/disease I’m not familiar with, and I want to find out more about it. Where can I find information I can trust?
My pet needs to have surgery. Should I be worried about the anesthesia?
My pet won’t stop chewing/digging/barking/scratching/spraying. Where can I find help?
What toys/accessories are appropriate for my pet?
Why can’t a veterinarian give my pet a diagnosis over the phone? I can’t afford to come in to the clinic every time my pet has something minor wrong.
I just got a new puppy/kitten. How much will veterinary care cost during the first year? And how much should I expect to spend annually after that?
My pet has the same thing wrong that he/she was just treated for. Can the veterinarian just prescribe the same medication that he/she did the last time?
I recently lost my pet, and I’m having trouble dealing with the loss. Where can I find help?
Which pet food should I feed my dog/cat?
I’ve seen a lot of information about supplements and nutraceuticals. How do I know what my pet needs?
What is a veterinary technician?
Why does my pet need dental care?
How can my puppy/kitten have worms? How was he/she exposed?
Why does heartworm treatment cost so much?
What education does a veterinarian need?
What is a veterinarian?
Can I get health insurance for my pet? If so, what’s covered?
How hard is it to get into a veterinary program?
Why is veterinary care for my pet(s) so expensive? Sometimes I believe I’m spending more on my pet’s health care than on my own!
I’ve been late several times when giving my pet a heartworm preventive. Should I be concerned?
My pet is injured/sick, and he/she needs to see a veterinarian. However, I can’t afford the office visit, much less treatment. What can I do?
Does my pet have to get a rabies vaccination?
What vaccinations does my dog/cat really need?
What should I expect during my pet’s wellness exam?
Why should I bring my pet in for regular veterinary visits when he/she is healthy?
Can’t I just give my dog/cat a Tylenol or Advil to help with pain, rather than paying for more costly veterinary pain medication?
My cat doesn’t go outside. Why should I put him/her on a heartworm/flea/tick preventive?
Why does my dog/cat need to have a blood test before starting heartworm medication?
Why do some veterinary hospitals charge such different prices for the same procedure(s)?
Why does it cost so much to provide veterinary care for my pet?
My Pet is Showing a Behavior Issue. What Should I Do?
I’m Boarding My Pet. What Do I Need?
Is Pet Boarding Safe?