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  • Digital Radiography

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    At Archdale Animal Hospital in Charlotte, NC we offer the latest in digital radiography from Sound Eklin. This system provides sharp images that we are able to burn to a disk for you to take home, we can also e-mail them to a veterinary specialist if the need arises.

    There are many benefits to this technology, it will allow us to provide you with a digital image almost instantly, and this eliminates the need to wait for any results. The ease of e-mail can be utilized for quick collaboration between health care providers if it is needed.

    We will ensure your furry friend feels comfortable at all times during their visit with us. Your pet will feel minimal discomfort from exposure to this technology. Digital radiography is useful when looking to diagnose medical issues that we feel your pet might have.

    Archdale Animal Hospital offers a variety of veterinary services for your furry friends. Our animal clinic not only offers digital radiograph but also pet boarding, puppy shots, puppy vaccinations, pet laser therapy treatments, pet surgery, animal teeth cleaning and more! 

    Contact us today if have an emergency or would like to schedule an appointment. 

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