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  • Class IV Therapy Laser

    Pet Laser Therapy treatments Available in Charlotte, nc

    Our animal hospital now proudly offers Class IV pet laser therapy treatments for your pet. From osteoarthritis to “hot spots” on the skin, pet laser therapy offers therapeutic relief from arthritis, tendon or soft tissue damage, and promotes wound healing by increasing blood circulation and reducing inflammation. Whether your pet suffers from a chronic condition or experiences swelling or tissue damage after surgery or injury, pet laser therapy treatments can help!

    Class IV laser therapy or cold laser therapy is a noninvasive procedure that uses light to stimulate cell growth and blood flow while only treating the surface of the skin. This form of laser therapy treatment provides benefits such as:

    • Little to no discomfort for your pet
    • Drug-Free Pain Relief
    • Surgery Free Treatment Option


    While still a relatively new practice, Archdale Animal Hospital embraces the use of laser therapy in the treatment and comfort of your pet.

    To learn more about how this technology works to aid in the treatment of your pet and the K Class IV laser visit k-laserusa.com

    For a new kind of treatment plan, please call Archdale Animal Hospital for class iv pet laser therapy treatments in Charlotte, NC